The Falcon & The Nest are both four starred Cuisine Best Buy Rosé wines

We are pleased to announce that both Lake Chalice 2022 Rosé wines have been awarded 4 stars as
well as best buy in the recent Cuisine Rosé tasting. With the summer days in full swing now is the
best time to try one or both distinctive Rosé wines.

“The Nest captures more of the red cherry and strawberry notes, the palate provides fresh berry
fruits and spices. Whereas The Falcon is quite different in comparison showing off more of the
strawberries and cream notes with a palate showing red berries and stone fruits” – Chloe Gabrielsen
Lake Chalice Winemaker

Both wines have come from separate areas of the same vineyard, and it is amazing to see how areas
of the same vineyard can produce such difference in taste and profiles. We were searching for
individuality in terms of how we wanted each of these wines to look.

“It’s amazing to see how each of these wines developed during fermentation and subsequent
blending, with both wines touching on different aspects of the Rose style of wine.” – Chloe Gabrielsen
Lake Chalice Winemaker

The Nest Rosé 2022:

An off dry Pinot Noir based rose that will give you a refreshing sweetness, intertwined with freshly
sliced white pear and juicy raspberries. The flavours of this wine will burst with sweet surprises that
will tantalise your taste buds.

The Falcon Rosé 2022:

A rose that will provide you with fresh and juicy layers of succulent berries, white peach and spice
leaving a crisp and full impression on the palate. A true way to savour Marlborough summers in a