Back in the eighties - the decade of bad hair and poor style choices – two wind-surfing buddies started an adventure. It wasn't wind-surfing the Tasman, but at that time, probably just as crazy. (Cue 'Top Gun' Soundtrack.)

They purchased land and joined the other early mavericks, growing grapes and making their own wine in the Wairau Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand.

Growing Wine

You're probably thinking why the Falcon, why Lake Chalice? Sighting a rare NZ Falcon (Kārearea) at Lake Chalice is why. The sacred Kārearea seemed a fitting mascot, and Lake Chalice is shaped like a wine Chalice. So, it stuck.

Our Bird

You might not have had enough wine yet. Take another couple of sips. Imagine you're a Falcon (too soon?), gliding high over the land. You can see every detail of the vineyards below.

Then you see a small movement in the vines. It's time. You swoop with precision to the floor below and grab your prey.

This is the same approach Chloe Gabrielsen and the winemaking team use. Responding to conditions with a watchful eye on each vineyard, vine and parcel of fruit. Choosing just the right moment to react and making wines that are a liquid snapshot of the place and time they are from, to her it's whakapapa.

Our People

Since 2015, the Ibbotson family have owned Lake Chalice. They too are respected early mavericks of Marlborough and renowned for a down to earth wine philosophy. They continue to deepen the connection with our endangered Kārearea by proudly supporting the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust.