Marlborough Falcon Trust

Given we display the Kārearea (NZ falcon) as our motif on every bottle, it’s understandable why we are avid supporters of the work done by the Falcon Trust. The native Kārearea favour the remote mountains and foothills of the upper Awatere and Wairau valleys in Marlborough. Today it’s rare to catch a glimpse of the Falcon, due to introduced pests, persecution and electrocution by power lines. To help prevent further damage of these magnificent birds, we work closely with the Falcon Trust on the Kārearea Release Program to repopulate the region. Most recently we have introduced a ‘hack box’ in our Eyrie vineyard in Waihopai and insulated electrical transformers close to the vineyard to protect the birds. The hack box provides shelter for birds before being released into the wild, they’re fed and given a few weeks to take in the view of the vineyards every day. The thinking is,that by giving them time and safe shelter the Falcons will remain in the area once released. Who wouldn’t want to stay? We hope that through working together, we can see the Falcon flourish again.

Cranky Goat

We're honoured to work with local Marlborough cheese company Cranky Goat Cheese. These are our kind of people. We just go together well. We bring the wine, but these are the friends who always bring the best cheese platter to the party. We’ve been working with these local goat’s cheese makers for a little while. Simon and Hellene use goats milk from the neighbouring farm to create their delicious magic. They’ve even used one of our Sauvignon Blancs as part of their rind making process. Are you interested in knowing more about our cheesy love affair?

Taste Manaaki

Aroha mai, aroha atu. Love received. Love returned. It is no surprise that we are connected, our winemaker Chloe is one of the Taste Manaaki Aunties. Taste Manaaki is a marae-based social enterprise creating authentic, māori inspired condiments. They re-create history in the jar, like we do in the bottle. We’ve shared some pretty awesome collaborations full of Auntie laughter, but one thing we can be assured of is how much they look after us. Manaaki isn’t just a name to them, it’s a culture.