A native to the Marlborough region but rarely seen, kārearea favour the remote mountains and foothills of the upper Awatere and Wairau valleys. Once prolific to the region, today kārearea are threatened due to introduced pests, persecution, electrocution and development. 

To help prevent further damage to such a magnificent and endemic raptor, Lake Chalice Wines work closely with the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust on the kārearea release program to repopulate our native falcon back into the Marlborough wilderness. Lake Chalice work to release rescued Falcons on our Eyrie Vineyard, where we hope they look to protect our grapes from unwanted pests. 

The kārearea or endemic New Zealand Falcon

Class: Aves
Species: Falco novaeseelandiae
Wingspan: 45cm
Top Speed: 200kph
Population: 5000-8000 threatened
Sub Species: Bush, Eastern & South Island Falcon