Lake Chalice is thrilled to release a top tier flagship range into their portfolio. Plume by Lake Chalice looks to bring a different perspective to fine wines.

The core idea comes from the link between the feather and the land, the people and the environment. It’s been a long time waiting for the release of these wines as they have been cellaring in their bottle developing flavour and complexity over several years.

Back in 2016 pristine fruit was hand-harvested off Peter and Anne Reed’s Chardonnay vineyard. This vineyard is synonymous with quality Chardonnay as traditionally the highly acclaimed Lake Chalice Raptor Chardonnay comes from this block of land. In addition during 2017 a small patch of some exceptional Pinot Noir fruit from Lake Chalice’s founding Eryie vineyard was hand-harvested and transported to the winery destined to make an exceptional Pinot Noir.

Now in 2020 we proudly release both Plume Chardonnay and Pinot Noir by Lake Chalice. It’s about attention to detail, where simplicity and complexity bathe in beauty. Winemaker Chloe Gabrielsen comments on the Pinot Noir that did not receive any fining or filtration. “We didn’t think that Plume needed to have intervention of these winemaking practices because the quality of the fruit was so good and we didn’t want to take away from any of that.” Regarding the Chardonnay “we’ve selected only the very best barrels from within each batch. Each barrel adding a layer of complexity to the blend because we have so many components to choose from. Creating this special release Chardonnay is less work, more play.”

Both wines have been purposely cellared within temperature-controlled warehouse facilities for several years prior to release to enable to the consumer to enjoy the wine at its best with regards to the flavours and complexity that is generated through the aging process. Further cellaring will enable to the wine to continue to evolve and delight the recipient should they have the patience to wait!

Available fine wine retail and selected restaurants throughout New Zealand.