Neal and Judy Ibbotson

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Neal and Judy Ibbotson

Managing Director and Owners

Neal and Judy Ibbotson are viticulture pioneers from Marlborough. Neal has a long background of farming, having a farm of pigs while working as a farm advisor for rural Marlborough farmers, before planting grapes in the early 70’s. Astounding viticultural knowledge combined with a large amount of passion, commitment, dedication and drive has assisted Neal and Judy in creating a leading New Zealand wine brand (Saint Clair Family Estate).

Saint Clair purchased the Lake Chalice brand in June 2016. Neal works closely with Winemaker Chloe Gabrielsen to create the best possible varietal Marlborough wines.


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About Lake Chalice

Lake Chalice Wines is one of the few remaining privately and locally owned wine companies in New Zealand and is located in the country's main wine-growing region, Marlborough.
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Latest News

The Lake Chalice wine brand, including vineyards, has been purchased by family-owned Marlborough winery, Saint Clair Family Estate.

Lake Chalice was awarded the Reserve Wine of the Show at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards 2015 for the Lake Chalice Raptor Chardonnay 2014.

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