• Aug 06, 14
  • lakechalicev1

We at Lake Chalice Wines are very proud of a couple of our wines that are 'Loving it Light'.  In our current range that includes the Lake Chalice DebsRose and Black Label 'The Falcon' Riesling.

The Rose has 20% less alcohol and 20% fewer calories than a standard wine. 

The Riesling has 30% less alcohol and 15% fewer calories than a standard wine.

So, I hear you thinking "What is a light wine?"

A 'light wine' is a wine that has significantly lower alcohol and/or calories than a standard wine.  The amount of alcohol in a wine is determined principally by the amount of sugar in the grapes at harvest.  Commonly referred to as the brix level.  Alcohol is the by product of the fermentation of the grape sugards.  The yeast used has some bearing on the final outcome but only a little as some yeasts being more efficient at the conversion than others.  The alcohol level can be kept lower by 'stopping' the ferment before all the sugars are consumed in the fermentation.   That is known as residual sugar and makes the wine taste sweeter.  A bone dry wine has no residual sugar (R/S), a dry wine is generally considered any wine with 5 grams or less.  A medium wine 5 to 30 grams and a sweet wine over 30 grams.  (Note the ranges differ slightly between varieties).  It is also kept lower by starting with a lower brix grape at harvest time to reduce the potential alcohol level.  This is how you get anaturally low alcohol wine. 

You can also artificially reduce or manipulate the alcohol levels but that is a whole other ball game that we at Lake Chalice are int interested in playing...

So our Rose at 11% is 20% less alcohol than a standard wine.

Our Riesling at 9.5% is a 30% less alcohol than a standard wine.

So what is a standard wine?

Basically a typical wine.  If we take as an example a Chardonnay that has 13.5% alcohol and 4 grams residual sugar.  (Nothing much else in wine makes any significant contribution to the calories, so):

  • 1g of residual sugar = 4kcal x 4 = 16
  • plus 1ml of ethanol = 5.6kcal (750ml x 13.5%) x 5.6 = 567
  • Per 750ml bottle = 583 calories
  • Our Riesling is around 505 calories or 15% less calories
  • Our Rosie is around 465 calories or 20% fewer calories

Either way they still taste great and you can be smug in the knowledge that you are doing your body a few favours whilst you enjoy your wine of choice...